Photo Update: Bangkok & Chiang Mai

Just a quick photo update from the first portion of our trip. More photos and posts about the Elephant Nature Park and our Journey to Freedom adventure to come soon!


Street view of the Grand Palace, Bangkok

Decorative Statuettes on the side of a building at the Grand Palace

Interior view of buildings at the Grand Palace

Giant Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

Buildings on the grounds of Wat Pho

Alex and I outisde of Wat Arun

Giant Swing

Wat Suthat- Main Building

Chiang Mai!

One of the frisky newborn tiger cubs at Tiger Kingdom

 Umbrella Handicraft Center– inside several artists are willing to paint almost anything, from fans to t-shirts to bowls for 50-100 baht (2-5 American dollars) while you watch.

Alex and I at the Taste of Heaven vegetarian cooking class. Amazing class, food and staff, and all profits go to help the Elephant Nature Park!

The final product of our cooking class. 4 hours and 9 dishes later!

Ziplining at the Flight of the Gibbon zipline adventure course!


One Comment Add yours

  1. nadia says:

    The pictures are beautiful! I particularly like the last one where you were ziplining. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures.

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