Planning commences!

So after a long hiatus involving finals, coming home for a few weeks, and major relaxation, I’ve begun to look into my travel plans for next year. I have three major trips planned out so far, and a few minor side-trips as well. Here’s a brief teaser of my plans:

Major Trips:

  1. The Northern Circuit: This will involve Northern Europe, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Russia. Probably not my longest trip, but I hope to devote some time to it nonetheless.
  2. The Eastern European Circuit: This trip will last about a month, to be completed with my old-time travelling friend that I did Western Europe with. We plan on renting a car in Croatia, hitting up Budapest, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Moldova. It should be super awesome– a railpass covers many of these places for less than $350, which should be well within my budget. This trip should probably take about a month.
  3. The Mediterranean Circuit: This will cover Greece (and the Greek islands!), Turkey, Israel, and Egypt. This trip will also be one of my longest trips, because I really want to spend a significant, unrushed amount of time in each place. It might take up to two months.

Minor Trips: I plan on taking several side-trips, most of which will only involve one area or country. Some will involve two or three, maybe.

  1. Morocco. Ryanair flys there for pretty cheap, which makes me a happy camper.
  2. Bruges. I have loved Bruges since I went in 2009, and its very, very close to the school I will be attending.
  3. London. I will be living very close to London, so trips here are inevitable. Covent Garden Tea House, here I come!
  4. Amsterdam. I also fell in love with Amsterdam when I went in 2009, and cannot wait to go back.
  5. Germany: I hope to spruce up my German, and visit friends I have made during my travels.  Also, Oktoberfest.

So thats whats on the agenda for next year. I might add some destinations or take some away, but you can be sure that it will be an action-packed year!


One Comment Add yours

  1. michelle says:

    Are you moving to Europe next year? Are you doing school? All of your trip plans sound super exciting 🙂 Good luck! Have fun!

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