Planning Pitfalls: Having A Glorious Plan Mangled by Flight Limitations

As the time comes closer for me to leave, I’ve been trying to get a rough outline of all of my trips written up. Unfortunately, I tend to draw up overzealous/idealistic plans, only to check flight possibilities last (a downfall to my style of planning), and then I have to go back and re-draw the entire plan. The most recent struggle I’ve had with this has been with planning my trip to Eastern Europe, for which I have 30 days and 7-10 countries/cities I want to see. Some of these places are very small or very close together, and could be visited for a day in between trains (like Bratislava).

Having refined my plan some due to the fact that apparently there are ZERO economy flights that fly from anywhere around Moldova, Ukraine, or Romania, I think I have finally come up with a winner. The number of days that I’ve chosen to give each destination is yet to be decided, but this is what the itinerary looks like so far:

1) London -> Dubrovnik, explore Croatia

2) Zagrab -> Bratislava

3) Bratislava -> Budapest

4) Budapest -> Bucharest

5) Bucharest -> Odessa

6) Odessa -> Chisinau, Mogilev, Briczany

7) Chisinau -> L’viv

8) L’viv -> Krakow

9) Krakow -> Prague

10) Prague -> London

Right now I only have the countries/major cities themselves laid out (with the exception of Moldova/sections of Ukraine), and I’m sure I’ll take some side trips along the way.  I might eliminate Bratislava for the sake of expenses and travel hassle, but so far I think this is going to work out really well for my trip. Now to decide on dates and time allocation! Wish me luck!


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