happy new years & the event that you should all add to your bucket lists!


Hello and Happy New Years from Amsterdam! This post was originally going to be about a particular bucket list event that I took care of today in Amsterdam (seeing the Van Gogh Museum), but instead I have much more interesting news to report!

This evening my parents and I spent a quiet night in, much to the dismay of literally every Dutch person we spoke to over the course of the day. We received a half-jokes about the debauchery that occurs in Amsterdam on New Years Eve, including a story from a girl who refused to ride her bike because, apparently, people often throw fireworks at you if you do.

Initially it wasn’t shaping up to be a very remarkable night for us; it was cold and rainy, so we limited our ‘partying’ to getting one drink downstairs at the hotel bar, then went upstairs and watched Julie and Julia for the better part of two hours. And then the clock struck midnight.

We all scrambled to the large windows in our hotel room, which conveniently overlooked a balcony with a panoramic view of our section of the city. Our hotel is slightly outside of the center of town, but this only worked in our favor. Fireworks had started going off around five PM, but obviously reached their apex at midnight. And then we got to experience the most awe-inspiring, illuminating, and incredibly long-lived firework display of our lives.

The fireworks went off intensely for forty-five minutes without pause, culminating in a series of awesome finales that went on for another ten minutes or so. The fireworks didn’t stop then, but they did diminish in frequency and in size. After the finales the streets absolutely filled with smoke, which was probably made worse by the unceasingly rainy weather outside.

I did manage to snap a few photos, but they really do not do this event justice. It was an absolutely amazing, unexpected experience, and one of those awesome reminders about how the unplanned things that happen in your life can be some of the best. At any rate, I would definitely recommend putting “see the fireworks in Amsterdam on New Years” at the very top of your bucket list!





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  1. michelle says:

    Love your second photo Natalie, definitely adding this to my bucket list 🙂

    1. Jeff Steinberg says:

      Natalie climbed out her hotel room window in her bathrobe in the rain to get that shot.

      1. Sure did! It was cold and wet and mossy and gross, too!

  2. Bylinda January 27th, 2012 I flew to Nassau, Bahamas for a week of R&R. I decided to book myself into two different resorts so that I could experience what each had to offer my clients. I started out by staying at the RIU Paradise Island Resort. This hotel was originally the Sheraton but was purchased by the RIU brand of hotels about three years ago. The RIU Paradise Island neighbors’ the Atlantis so I was quite happy to explore both the RIU and the Atlantis Resorts while on Paradise Island. We moved over to Sandals Royal Bahamian for the next four nights. Simply elegant and luxury in every sense, definitely 5* service all the way. I enjoyed Nassau, I found it very easy to get around and everything was within walking distance down town. You can take the No6 bus for $1.50 per direction from any hotel around Nassau to the straw market down town. There is also a water taxi that leaves Paradise Harbour and arrives at Nassau’s main dock every 25minutes for those who are interested in shopping or just touring around the main land. This August my husband and I will board the Uniworld River Queen to travel From Amsterdam to Budapest – that’s one off my bucket list.

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