Bucket List Item: Visit the Cathedral/Mosque in Cordoba, Spain

Today I got to cross the third item off my bucket list on this trip! I’m in Cordoba, Spain, and after some trouble getting to our hotel we finally made it. The first item on my list was to see the Mosque-turned-Cathedral in the heart of the Jewish quarter of the city. Sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Or at least a recipe for some historic pan-religious disasters.

The juxtaposition of faiths-on-faiths-on-faiths actually makes for an aesthetically compelling construction, with a massive Arab-style building full of Christian relics in the middle of quaint, winding, formerly Jewish-occupied streets. I don’t know the history of the area very well myself, and it would have been beneficial to have one of the tour guides help me by telling me more about the area. Due to directional dysfunction, however, we didn’t manage to get to our hotel until 4:30 (our estimated time-of-arrival had been about 12:30, just for perspective), we got a bit of a late start on our day and didn’t really have the time or the energy to do a fully guided tour.

The Mosque/Cathedral was still beautiful despite my having no idea as to what the history of the place was, and the relics were absolutely breathtaking. The rustic arches paired with the glistening golds and silvers of the Christian art was interesting, and there were more than a couple of Jesuses (Jeus-i?) hanging under Arabesque features. Words cannot really do the place justice, however, so I’ll let my photos do the talking for me:









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  1. Beautiful photos – I can hardly wait to see it first hand. Being married to a Catholic, I am well-indoctrinated into the ‘ABC tour’ travel method – Another Blessed Cathedral. She does her blessings while I am over-awed by some of the most amazing architecture on the planet. La Mezquita is among the most unique. Thank you for sharing.

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