Summer Travel

Hello everyone!

I know there’s been a long lapse in posts, but school has been keeping me unfortunately very busy. On the bright side, however, graduation is only a few short months away and in its midst comes very exciting news! I can officially say that I’ll be jetting away again this summer, this time to explore Oceania and Southeast Asia! For at least the first leg I’ll be with my trusty travel companion Cheyenne, so you can expect tons of photos! I absolutely cannot wait. Here’s a short rundown of the itinerary:

Australia (~3 weeks)

New Zealand (~2 weeks?)





Time allowing, Japan!

I’m not entirely sure I’ll actually make it to Japan, but a girl can dream, right? Anyway, as the planning for this trip begins to pan out I’ll be sure to start updating more often. If anyone has any recommendations on places to go, things to see, where to stay or other useful information, feel free to fire away in the comments section! Until then, happy travels everyone!


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