Another thing to check off the Bucket List: Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb was a relatively new addition to my bucket list, but was one of the things I knew I absolutely had to do while I was in Australia. Unfortunately, the first two days that I spent in Sydney saw nothing but rain and were filled with mostly indoor activities like going to the aquarium and eating, but on my third day I woke up to glorious and much-needed sunshine. After checking the weather to ensure that there weren’t any freak storms on the horizon, Cheyenne and I booked our tour and snagged two spots on the 1:35 climb.


We were given a quick safety briefing and introduction at 1:30, where we learned how to put on our swanky blue and grey mechanics suits and filled out our climbing waivers. We were then ushered into another room, where we met our vivacious and super friendly guide Maria, who walked us through the steps of putting on our gear and walked us through a sample ladder set, where we learned how to clip ourselves into the system and go up and down ladders like the ones we’d have to to get up to the bridge. We weren’t allowed to bring or wear anything that might fall off on the climb, but were given handkerchiefs, hats, a radio set, gloves and a rain suit in case of inclement weather. Sunglasses and eyeglasses could be secured with sporty attachments to keep them from falling and injuring someone during the climb.


After this we began our climb, with Maria giving us bits of history through our headsets. We were stopped in four separate places to take photos, which were available for purchase at the end. Maria was super accommodating when we asked her if we could take another photo (after we’d just taken a photo squinting into the sun and being beaten up by the wind), and got to take one of just the two of us at the top of the bridge instead of in the middle of the climb.

bridge climb 2

In all, the experience lasted about four hours, but felt like the perfect pace and didn’t last too long or feel rushed. In spite of the height it actually wasn’t all that unsettling of a climb, and the views were absolutely amazing! It was such an awesome experience to just take in the sights, and not having to worry about a camera or belongings really allowed us to take in the whole thing unencumbered. All in all it was fantastic, and I’d highly recommend adding it to your bucket list (or your itinerary in Sydney if you already have your trip booked) ASAP!



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  1. I’m from Sydney, I did that a few years ago. Veeery expensive, but I agree, a must-see!

    1. It is pricey, but totally worth it! Thanks for commenting!

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