Bucket List Idea: Taking a Class at Canvas and Cocktails!


Sometimes, when I’m not traveling, I start to feel like my day to day life is really, really boring. I tend to fall into a routine, either with work or school, and maybe going out for food or drinks, usually to the same places. Recently, though, I’ve been wanting to branch out more and to try and make my home life a little bit more like my life abroad! Colorado has a ton of great activities, most of which are pretty affordably priced, and I think its high time I started taking advantage of them.


Last Christmas, my sister gave my mom and I tickets to Canvas and Cocktails, which has various installments around the country (Painting and Sipping, Canvas and Corkscrews are a few others, to name a few! Doing a quick google search is probably the easiest and fastest way to find a similar venue near you). I was a little bit nervous about it at first–I have the artistic ability of a rock, when it comes to things like painting and drawing–and didn’t think I was going to have what it took to paint some of these paintings. A lot of them looked pretty complex, even though the one that we chose was relatively simple.


We were able to look online at a calendar of classes, which included the painting that was going to be recreated during that session. The piece that we chose was multi-media, a painting of an umbrella, a lamppost and rain on a backdrop of books pages, which we got to choose for ourselves. When we arrived at the studio we were greeted and checked in by the lovely ladies at the desk, who were all very friendly and chatty. We paid and were shown to our easels, given a brief tour of what we’d need to get started (paints, aprons, complimentary drink).


I picked up my gear and grabbed a mimosa, then took a few glamour shots to get prepared for the class! Our studio has a super-cool raffle drawing for a free class, which you get entries for by checking in or sharing photos on various forms of social media. I checked in on Facebook (with a photo), checked in/tagged myself on Instagram and shared my Instagram check-in to Twitter, and got 4 entries for the raffle!


We began by picking out the book pages for the background of our painting, and I choose all dictionary pages, particularly ones with animals on them. Our super-friendly instructor taught us how to apply them to the canvas, then turned us loose for about 15 minutes so we could work independently. After 15-20 minutes we began to mix our other colors and worked on our paintings, and were given breaks every once in a while to let the paint dry and to keep us from over-fixating on the paintings. The instruction was basic but effective, and our leader made sure to come around and check everyone’s work individually and correct things if they were going way off-base.


When our painting were nearing completion our instructor drew names for the raffle, and I ended up winning, which is SO exciting! I never win anything, like seriously never win anything ever, so it was doubly exciting for that. I finished up painting and perused the store, coming out with a scarf and a super cute necklace, both of which were 20% off. We were allowed to finish at our own pace and check out the store, which is great for slower painters. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something fun and different to do, and I cannot wait to go again with my free class!



Bucket List Traveler Info:

Activity Type: Class, art.

Price: $35, includes a free drink. 

Value for Money: Above average! The whole experience is super fun and you’ll have a pretty piece of art to bring home at the end of the day. Totally worth it.  

Suitable for: Everyone! I have exactly zero talent when it comes to art, and even I managed to produce something pretty. I also saw kids there, and families–no alcohol if you’re under 21 or don’t have an I.D, but you can definitely still join the fun!

Recommend: Absolutely! I cant wait to do it again. 


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