Journey with Purpose: Visit Thailand & Help End Child Sex Trafficking with ECPAT International

Hello fellow travelers!

I’m teaming up with ECPAT International with the mission of helping to end child sex trafficking in the travel industry. Today I’m coming to you all with an exciting new travel/volunteering opportunity for those of you looking to learn more about this issue and participate in a program that will not only allow you to visit one of my favorite countries in the world, but also provides great insights into the nature of child sex trafficking and support for the organizations looking to abolish it.

Thailand has always been one of my favorite destinations, but I’ve always been particularly bothered by the level of human trafficking, sex work and child sex work that I’ve encountered during my travels through Thailand and Southeast Asia in general. This is a huge part of the reason I’ve become involved with ECPAT International, whose core mission is predicated around ending child sex trafficking globally. I’m particularly excited to help ECPAT with their journey for good initiative, which combines two of my great passions: travel and providing meaningful, valuable opportunities for children and women around the world.

Read below for more information about this trip, and please click around! If you know of anyone who might be interested I highly encourage you to share this information with them; this is an amazing opportunity and a portion of the trip cost goes directly to benefit the organizations working to end child sex trafficking around the world.


Travel with a Philanthropic Twist
Explore the world and be a part of advocating against child trafficking and exploitation by signing up now for our next tour of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai!  ECPAT-USA has partnered with socially responsible tour operator AltruVistas to give travelers the trip of a lifetime. This is just the ticket for those who want a more meaningful travel experience while making the world a better place.
Check out a few highlights and the itinerary of our upcoming ECPAT Advocacy Journey (11/27-12/7) which is now open for registration. The 11-day journey is focused on giving participants a glimpse at how modern day travel is combating modern day slavery. We witnessed how emotionally powerful these tours can be, and it is a life-changing experience. You will have the opportunity to:
  • Visit Child Life, an NGO led by Kru Nam that provides direct intervention for children at risk in Maesai, Northern Thailand at the border with Myanmar. We’ll learn about intervention and prevention strategies being used in local communities to keep children safe.
  • Spend the day with the Mirror Foundation, an NGO run by Thai hill tribe staff that works to protect ethnic minorities. We’ll learn about the group’s anti-trafficking efforts and enjoy dinner and cultural dancing together.
  • Enjoy a meal at Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant, a social enterprise that promotes acceptance of family planning. We’ll get to talk to representatives from the International Labor Organization and to learn more about the overlap of labor trafficking and sexual exploitation involving children in Thailand.
  • Experience a variety of cultural excursions, such as visiting an elephant conservation center and touring the Grand Palace, temples, and local markets.
Are you ready to pack your bags for a life-altering journey to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai!? Sign up today and join us as we make this world a better place.
One more way to get involved!
SOLD, starring Gillian Anderson and David Arquette, is a story of a girl who is trafficked from her village in Nepal to a brothel in Kolkata, India. Through the service TUGG, you can set up a showing of SOLD at your local theater, and turn it into a benefit for ECPAT-USA! Screening SOLD is a great way to raise awareness about the issue of trafficking and talk about what we can do to end it.  To get started and request a screening guide, email 
Please help create a world where no child is bought, sold, or used for sex. Your commitment enables us to give children freedom. Press the donate button on our home page Thank you for your support.




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