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Natalie Steinberg

Natalie is a recent graduate from the University of Vermont, where she earned degrees in English and Global Studies. Currently, Natalie is working as a social media marketer and content writer for a local Denver nonprofit organization, which works to support sustainable traditional lifestyles in Bhutan. When she was studying, she spent a year living abroad in Canterbury, England, gained a functional knowledge of the German language and became very interested in contextual economics, the history and politics of Eastern Europe, culturally sensitive tourism, ecotourism, and in the literature of colonized and developing nations.  She has many passions in life, but some of her favorites are travel, food and cooking, reading, writing, photography, going on adventures and playing with puppies. Her travel style is generally backpacker with a twist– she loves staying in hostels and doing some things on the cheap, but is more than happy to splurge for the good things in life. An ideal vacation for Natalie would involve a good balance of activity to culture, lots of tasty food and wine, and a few heart-stopping moments to keep things interesting. Cute or interesting animal encounters are always welcomed.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. harlequinn says:

    Hi Natalie! Thanks for stopping by my blog before, I see we have quite a few common interests 😀

    I’ve seen your bucket list as well, many are on my list too. Are you planning to go to Brazil 2014? I do have plan to go and if i could, I’d love to be a volunteer in world cup but I’m not sure about this plan, it’s still 3 years to go so anything can happen along the way.

    1. Not a problem! And yes, I am absolutely dying to get to Brazil for the world cup in 2014 =] I hadn’t even thought of becoming a volunteer, I’ll have to look into it. What a great idea! Maybe I’ll even see you there, haha.

  2. panayiotisd says:

    I feel lucky to have found your blog! I share the same passion for photography so i am looking forward seeing some more of your entries!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope to get a new post up shortly– I’m feeling so guilty that I’ve been in England nearly a month and haven’t posted a single thing. Thank you for following!

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